What They Say

Hi, Safety Issue with 3M Carmat. The area of the mat near the pedal area is very slippery. I tried using different footwear but the same issue persists. This causes two issues: 1. Safety Concern: The slipping foot causes accelerating/speeding without intent/control. 2. Ergonomics Concern: The ankle/foot stays at an uncomfortable angle causing fatigue. Note: The apparent problem is due to the smooth surface caused by the fusing of the mat, done to create a pad-like surface. But it defeats the purpose of the mat. Request 3M to please contact me to replace or rectify the problem as it is causing a major Life Safety Issue. Kennedy N., purchased on 17 Aug 2013

Mr Kennedy, Thank you for your feedback and for the opportunity to clarify. The heel plate feature was designed and tested to provide a cushion effect to reduce fatigue. However, we also understand every customer has their own preference and definition of comfort, so we provide versions with and without heel plate for customized mats. The surface area of the vinyl heel plate contains many grooves visible only under microscopic view to provide traction and thus an anti-slip safety function. We have since provided you with these clarifications and replaced your car mat with a version without a heel plate. We look forward to your continued support in the future! 3M

I thought buying it direct from 3M would be cheaper as compared to buying it from retailer. Turns out online price is way more expensive by 40%!!! Not cool!! Jerry, purchased on 24 Jul 2016

Hi Jerry, We understand that you were not aware of the pricing differences between customized car mats and standard car mats on the website, and this was explained to you via a phone call from our marketer. Thanks! 3M

Hi ! It was a great purchase. As compared to a previous brand, 3M car mat was better in terms of fitting and finish. I am pleasantly surprised by the warranty emailed to me. For the price I paid, this is truly worth the value. Cheers to this company ! Andrew Soong, purchased on 25 May 2011

We are glad you like your new mat! 3M